Herbal Product R&D and Topical Anti-microbial Preparations

Herbal Product Research and Development

The rising popularity of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) and nutraceuticals has fuelled the need to strengthen our understanding and research in this area. Optimization and scale-up studies of extraction and concentration processes form a part of our continuing effort in producing standardized herbal extracts. The incorporation of supercritical fluid technology (SCF) in herbal extraction presents a very exciting and attractive solution for the extraction of thermo-sensitive bioactives.

Soxhelt Extractor

Fitz Mill Blade

Cryogenic Mill

Supercritical Fluid Extractor

Topical Anti-microbial Preparations

Microbiological tests are critical in the quality assurance and formulation of sterile preparations. Wound care dressings derived from natural and biodegradable polymers as well as topical gels for antimicrobial action are studied. Additionally, the efficacy of various preservatives and new sterilization methods are explored to increase their applicability in pharmaceutical and food industries.